Friday, March 13, 2009

Charity Hat #3 for 2009 - Nubby Brim Cloche

Nubby Brim Cloche
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This is one that I crocheted. The body is worked in HDC, alternating between working in the back loop only and the front loop only. The "eyelet" row where the chain is threaded through is worked in DC. And the brim is worked in SC.

Both the pattern for the hat and the pattern for the butterfly embellishment are free on the interwebs, at the following locations:
Nubby Brim Cloche (ravelry link):
Butterfly Embellishment:

This was made with a USK 10 1/2 (6.50mm) size hook, two strands of Bernat Aspen Soft held together. I long ago lost the ball bands, so I do not know the exact colorway names, but they are pretty true burgandy and hunter green.

Charity Hat #2 for 2009 - finished

Charity hat 2
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This is the second charity hat that I finished. No pattern, all stockinette. Size US8 (5.00mm) needles on 36grams of TLC Amore yarn - in vanilla and rose.

For the horizontal stripes, I switched colors every two rows, carrying the opposite color up the inside of the hat, catching it under the working yarn as I went to make it hidden. The vertical stripes are my first time trying stranded colorwork. I held the rose in my left hand and worked it continental-style, which is my normal style of knitting. I held the vanilla in my right hand and worked it english-style, which was new to me, and did feel pretty awkward. I consulted my coworker Carolyn, who knits english, to see how she holds and tensions her yarn to try to find something that felt comfortable.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Progress on socks for Loretta

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The yarn that Loretta provided to me is super-squishy! I am really enjoying knitting with it. It is knitting up at a sport-weight type gauge.

Now... to kitchener the toe and then cast on sock #2.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Charity Hat #2 for 2009

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A few coworkers and I have put together a fundraiser as part of our company's greater drive to raise money for the Relay for Life. We are knitting and crocheting hats to donate to the local cancer center, asking a donation of $10 for each hat.

We have a group of 10 crafters, two of which are just learning, lined up to knit and crochet these hats.

The world would be a better place if we were all fiber-enthusiasts.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Web site

My new Web site is up and running now, thanks to Cynthia of Webwurkz. I have free knitting patterns for immediate download, and paid knitting patterns all hooked up for paypal payment and immediate download.

Prajna Mama

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, as they are always appreciated!

Designing socks for Loretta

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Loretta sent me some yarn, which is knitting up at a sport weight gauge, to make socks for her as my end of our trade. She made diapers for Eliana for me. GORGEOUS diapers.

So, I am designing a pair of cabled socks for her in this yarn. Here's a picture, 8 rows into the pattern... two mini cables on the right and left and two larger cables in the middle.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Longies for Wendy's Ian

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Wendy/eternalw on DSD and I bartered. She sewed diapers for Eliana and I knit these longies for her (now newborn) Ian from yarn she provided.

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